According to International Diabetes Federation (IDF), there are approximately 88 million People with diabetes in South East Asia and 77 millions of these Are in India. Now, that’s a whooping big number!!so I have your attention now!

Since time Immemorial, man has known about diabetes. It’s a long lasting health condition that effects how our body uses sugar as a source of energy. Whether since birth (type1) or acquired as a lifestyle disorder( type2),diabetes has NO cure! It can only be controlled and managed. Most disturbing fact is that most of the time it does not present with the identifiable symptoms. For many of the patients the got to know while doing lab test for other purposes or suffering with a diabetes related health complication. If diagnosed well in time you can get an opportunity to manage it well as well as prevent its devastating complications. With early diagnosis of the condition regular screening for its complications is also required. Like diabetes its complications are also as silent as undercurrent. If they are allowed to stay untreated, can affect the heart, kidneys , eyes and nerves !

Diabetic Neuropathy (nerve damage) is the most common complication, unlike renal failure and retinopathy it is a less known among diabetic patients. Neuropathy can cause numbness, tingling, pain or even loss of sensation. It most often affects the feet and legs. If you can’t feel pain, frequently lose your sleeper grip, feeling funny or sand like sensation at sole even you may not realise when you get a cut or blister at your foot. My dear friends these can be Neuropathy which can precipitate an ulcer on your foot and can cause Diabetic foot!!

Disclaimer: Dr. Swati Singla is not a diabetic expert. Information in this blog are the expression of her own understanding following reading different diabetic related recommendations, newsletters and scientific evidences.

Dr. Swati Singla

Clinical anaesthesiologist and health blog writer

I Have been a practising clinical anaesthesiologist for past 12 years. In all these years, I have come across many surgical patients suffering from with complications of diabetes. The costly treatments were not a complete assurance against these complications. They neither promised 100% cure, recovery or a better quality of life. Interestingly, many of these complications could be delayed or completely avoided. During my peri-operative interaction with these patients, I noticed that they reached this point of no return due to sheer lack of awareness. Hence I developed a keen interest in writing health blogs to spread awareness and information in a simplified way.