Evolution of Pietobillo

According to IDF, currently 74.2 million people are living with Diabetes in India (second highest in the world) and would remain at same position till 2045. This figure is predicted to increase a whopping 69% by 2045 to reach 152 million. India accounts for 1 in 7 of all adults living with Diabetes across the world. Among this 74.2 million, 39.4 million are undiagnosed which accounts for 53.1% of total diabetic population of India. Based on current scientific literature evidence, every second person with Diabetes would develop Diabetic Neuropathy in their life time thus with a current prevalence of 74.2 million Diabetic population in India approximately 37.1 million people are affected with Diabetic Neuropathy who need specialized care. So, one can imagine how many of them are affected with Diabetic foot infection and how many of them would ultimately end up with amputation or death. This will have a huge amount of direct and indirect economic impact on individuals as well as the nation.

Amputation caused by Diabetic Foot is always a depressing event for the medical practitioner. As most of these amputations can be avoided with timely intervention with early diagnosis and optimum preventive care. In the current Indian healthcare scenario, knowledge of preventive Diabetic Foot care and catastrophe of diabetic foot are grossly lacking. This is due to lack of awareness among Diabetic patient population as well as the physicians who are treating them.

As a principle Pietobillo Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has believed that amputation of diabetic patient is the failure of the health care delivery system. Moreover amputation causes a lot of pain, anguish and mental trauma to the patients. The co-founder Dr. Shuvendu Prosad Roy had been trying to come out with some solution to reduce the chances of amputation for diabetic patient. Only solution to this problem is early detection and timely intervention hence he came out with wide range of product and services with a goal to reach out to every street. So that none of the diabetic patient should go through the pain and mental trauma of amputation.

Who We Are?

We are a health-tech company which helps to improvise the healthcare services provided to diabetic foot and other foot deformities and issues through our innovation, technology and clinical solutions in the form of hardware, software & associated patient care products.

We have designed a web-based application for the screening of Diabetic Foot through a questionnaire and recommended screening tools under the brand name of D-RAM; Diabetic Foot Risk Assessment and Management. This application will help the Physicians to detect the high risk patients with the help of their paramedical staff easily and effectively. This software will help in maintaining records, follow-up reminders, effective patient care, patient education and awareness through elaborate report generation, and treatment recommendation. Therefore, this application will help in recognition of foot at risk in real-time, minimizing treatment dropouts.

Our Engineers has worked tirelessly to create most accurate machines for the diagnosis of peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) through vascular Doppler and Neuropathy Screening Device and assessing abnormal planter pressure point within a single working machine; D-SCAN, that saves a lot of time and energy of the healthcare professional as well as patients.  


Solution Through Innovation

Diabetic foot diagnosis and management has always been a cumbersome task for healthcare professionals and a major cause of amputation among diabetic patients. We provide end to end solution for establishing diabetic foot specialized clinics through our innovative products and services. We strive to revolutionise the diabetic foot diagnosis and management with our innovative products


We believe technology should serve the greater cause of society. Our beta phase web application and portable diagnostic devices is going to minimise the time required for diabetic foot diagnosis by more than 80%. These technological advancement will empower healthcare professionals in delivering better health services to the greater section of society


At Pietobillo Solutions Private Limited we believe in sustainable growth. We use recycled plastics and other materials in most of our devices. Chlorine is not used in the manufacturing of our insoles unlike other insoles thus we reduce our carbon foot prints and release less toxins and landfills in the environment.